About The Geekteller

I am the Geekteller.

I like movies. Going to the cinema is one of favorite past time and this is my 3rd blog about films (my second one was Aziza’s Picks). The first film that changed my life was Dirt Dancing (I had a 2-year period where I would see it twice a day). The second film, and the one that made me write about it was A Streetcar named Desire. The journey after these two is a long and exciting, it’s made of a lot of superhero movies and dramas, and it’s not even close to finish. Join me!

I’m also a music freak. I can’t go a day without listening to music. My playlists are an interesting mix of indie rock (Arctic Monkeys, The Maccabees, Kings of Leon), strong female vocals (Florence and the Machine, Jessie Ware), and R&B / hip hop / rap (SZA, Beyonce, Miguel, Drake, Childish Gambino). Sometimes I like to listen to J.Balvin & Maluma (gasp!).

Also, I needs room for extra books. My bookcase is stuck full, my coffee table has at least 4, and my night stand, 2. Oh, and there are some in the tablet, too. Although I did spend my adolescence reading classics (and a bit of Twilight), I admit that nowadays I mostly read Young Adult, fantasy and SciFi. Sometimes non-fiction (biographies or funny ones, likes Modern Romance). Also, a bit of erotica. Yes, I know! No, I don’t have a problem admitting it. I want books to make me happy, excited, nervous, and most importantly, I want to be able to feel like I NEED to read the next page, too. Basically, I like page turners.

I wish I could tell you I’m a gamer or that I devour manga / anime, but I don’t, so there’s no point in lying. I would like to start reading manga, so if you have any recommendations or you can give me a 101 course on it, please contact me! I’m serious:

In real life, I’m an Online Marketing Specialist who does SEM, SEO, Website Analytics, Social Media and more. At home and online, I’m a curious and geeky woman who likes to get lost in other realms and kingdoms. It’s easier and more enjoyable to get through life this way, don’t you think?


Exciting waiting for hellos and emails,

The Geekteller