What I plan to read in the next few months: Summer 2018 TBR

What I plan to read in the next few months: Summer 2018 TBR

I love books, but I am pretty inconsistent when it comes to reading. I could discover a book series and devour it in one week, and I also can go months without even picking up a book. It depends on my mood, availability, what I find online or what I have around the house. Since I am planning a week-long trip to the beach (so my days will be filled only with eating and sunbathing) and the rest of the summer is pretty boring, I decided to make a list of books I want to read in the next months. Take a look:

I’ve always been fascinated with Elon Musk and what he has accomplished with Tesla and Space X. I think he is one of those rare human beings who is extremely smart and whose mind works in different, complex ways. I am intrigued by him, so the need to understand where he came from and how he did it is understandable. Also, I’ve had this book on my coffee table for at least one year, so I think it’s time to bite the bullet and read it, once and for all.

I remember seeing this book on Reese Witherspoon’s book club Instagram page and being immediately attracted to it. First, by the design of the cover, then by the name, of course, and lastly, by the storyline. It’s about a woman who starts teaching a creative writing course to a Punjabi community in London; things get interesting when they start writing erotica. Come on, admit, it is intriguing and sounds fun, right? I wanna read it, I think it will be a fun read for summer.

I’m one of those people who believes in astrology. Not the daily, “all Pisces in the world will get a promotion today”, but the general characteristics of each zodiac sign. I know there is more to it than general details and that you can “read” an astrological map and maybe figure out a part of the future, so when I stumbled upon this book, I immediately put it on my to read list. I hope I’ll get to read it this summer!

I admit, I like reading Young Adult books. And if they are YA fantasy books, that’s even better. I like this particular series because it involves magic, a different type of culture and strong characters, with a dash of romance, of course, because you can’t have a great/compelling story without love (my preference, I’m a sucker for romance). This is the third and final book and I’m curious to see what Amani and Jin do.

I read this novel when it first came out…actually, after I saw the movie, I think. I don’t know, really. It’s been a long time. Now that I am older (and hopefully wiser) I want to read it again, with an open heart and a more mature mind. Considering I am closer to the character’s age than I was then, I think I’ll understand her better and I will probably get more out of it now. I’ll keep you posted!

Since I am a fan of fantasy, this should be no surprise for you. It’s a novella, set after a three book series that I loved- A Court of Thorns and Roses . I though I loved the first book (which is similar to Beauty and the Beast, in some ways), but then I read the second and fell in love with Rhysand, who was the antagonist in the first book, but turned out to be the good guy in the end. Now there’s a fourth book published who let’s us in on what happened to the couple after the grand finale. Can’t wait to read it, I really liked the story and world Sarah J.Maas created.

What are you reading this summer? Let me know in the comments!

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