Short Reviews of October 2018: Burning, Bodyguard, Fantastic Beasts

Short Reviews of October 2018: Burning, Bodyguard, Fantastic Beasts

Burning: I wasn’t planning on seeing Burning, but the local film festival announced that they couldn’t show a particular film that was scheduled and for which I paid for, so instead they showed us this one. I got scared at the 148 minutes running time, but I decided to stay at least for 30 minutes, to see if it’s worth it. I ended up staying until the end. I wouldn’t say that the movie was amazing or that it blew me away, but I’m glad I saw it because it was much different from what I usually watch. It was an Asian film, and I admit I have not had that much access to its culture. So for me, the cinematography, the setting, the characters, the way they spoke, the cities…everything was interesting and new. Some of the shots were breathtaking, especially Shaemi’s impromptu dance, which is also featured in the poster. The basic storyline was also interesting, but I felt that the magic and feeling of it got lost somewhere….maybe in the long running time or the subdued, emotionally-unavailable way of being of the main character. He was hard to guess. It was a good movie, overall, but it’s definitely not for everyone to see. If you want to see more detailed reviews about Burning (2018), check Rotten Tomatoes.

Bodyguard [BBC]: In the last two months I read a lot about Bodyguard: how it shattered record for BBC, and how amazing it was, so when it was announced that Netflix picked it up, I was very happy. Cue to the 24th of October, and I’m already planted in front of the TV to watch it. Well, it didn’t disappoint, not by a long shot. The story was exciting and believable, considering the world we currently live in. The characters were…very British :), but I loved them either way. Richard Madden, in its stoic and serious manner, was a pleasure to watch, both as a viewer and as a woman. Keeley Hawes was great as the no-bullshit, tough woman of the Parliament, and I really enjoyed the women in supporting roles (the bomber, the wife, the cop), the story couldn’t have been the same without them. I highly recommend this series!

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them: This was a re-watch, but I decided to see it again now with my nephew, because he is a Harry Potter fan and didn’t get to see it in cinemas. It was in preparation for the second one that is about to come out. Personally, I really liked Fantastic Beasts. It kept the Harry Potter vibe, but was more lively and fun; the animals definitely helped and I think Redmayne was a great fit for Scamander. I can’t wait to see the second movie, since it has Johnmy Depp and they introduce Nagini and Dumbledore to the mix.

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    1. I know, I have a list, too! Maybe you should see the first episode of 3 new tv series, let’s say, and then think which one you are dying to see next, that might help 🙂

  1. I just started Bodyguard. Really enjoyed it so far. The opening with the female bomber was excellent and a really good bookend to that ending at least of episode one 🙂 Between that, Sabrina and Daredevil I haven’t had any time for movie watching but I’m not complaining!

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