The John Wick Trilogy

The John Wick Trilogy

I’ve had the John Wick movies on my To Watch list for a long time, but after the third one came out and the internet exploded, they became a priority. And after Margaret from Cinematic Corner fell in love (and lust) with Keanu Reeves, it became an obligation / requirement 🙂 But I was more than happy to oblige because, well, he is hot and I do like the tall, dark and mysterious type, which he excels at playing.

John Wick 1 was a great start to the franchise and it was probably my favorite of the bunch. It was a great setup for the character and the world he lives in. The fighting was definitely a strong point, just because it was the first time seeing him do it (in the other films, for me at least, it gets kind of old). I loved the whole puppy-gets-killed-I-must-revenge storyline, and though the Russian mobsters seemed kinda cliche, it somehow worked here (Alfie Allen with a Russian accent is hilarious). 

John Wick 2 was also interesting, even though my heart broke when I saw what they did to his Mustang- I absolutely adore that car and to see it destroyed was heart-wrenching (yes, I do get attached to cars, I’m a driver). Since I’ve had time to think of it, JW 2 was also really strong in terms of script: the storyline of him paying his debt and becoming a wanted fugitive was very strong and entertaining. Gotta give props to Claudia Gerini for being a badass (I loved her bath monologue) and to Common for the awesome fight scenes. 

John Wick 3 was the weakest link of the trilogy for me. Some of the fight scenes were so long, they bored me (looking at you, Chinatown and Continental mirror room scenes). Halle Berry was underused and underdeveloped. The sudden switch from being hunted by the High Table to hunting someone for the High Table felt a bit off. I did enjoy some scenes and I was so happy to see Lance Reddick (the front desk guy) in a more active role. 

Overall, the John Wick films are very entertaining. The action is good, the characters are cool and Keanu Reeves is the perfect assassin: dark, stylish, a man of few words who gets the job done. It also helps he is extremely hot- I definitely get the appeal. Quiet and mysterious always wins over loud and arrogant. And if he wears black suits and loves puppies, well then, it’s a no-brainer 🙂 

10 thoughts on “The John Wick Trilogy

  1. Oh how all you suffer because of me, watching good movies with super hot actor in them I still like the first one the most too but 3rd part had most impressive action. They put him on a horse, they have no mercy for the audience

    1. True, the horse action was very cool.
      It’s not suffering to watch Keanu on screen, it’s a blessing 😛 thank you

  2. My favourite of the trilogy is the second (I’m planning on rewatching them though so I could change my mind) but I agree that the third is the weakest. As you said, some of the action sequences were too long and they became boring after a while. And the supporting characters, what a waste! Nice reviews!

    1. 😀 thank you. And yeah, now that I think about it, I like the second, too, might bump it to my number one

  3. We all blame Margaret, haha!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed all 3 movies though – they’re just so much fun. I really hope Chapter 4 is just as good!

  4. Awesome reviews! The first John Wick is still my favorite. The second was a bit of a copy-and-paste of the first, but it was more compelling than the third. I wanted a lot more with Halle Berry, and if she doesn’t get her own movie or is in the fourth one more, it’s sort of a waste. Still love those action sequences and Keanu.

    1. Agreed, although I don’t feel the second is a copy of the first. But I liked it a lot. A Halle Berry spin off would be great <3

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