Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home [2019]

Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home [2019]

I was very excited to see “Spider-Man: Far From Home”. One, because I was curious to see what the Marvel world would look like after Endgame, but also because I love Tom Holland (and Jake Gyllenhaal). I managed to see it last night and….I liked it, but I wasn’t blown away by it. 

First of all, the world after Endgame is kind of the same. With the exception of the weirdest term ever for disappearing for 5 years: bliping. Really, Marvel? Bliping? Anyway, moving on. The people who disappeared came back 5 years later, where the rest of the people have already aged 5 years. So Peter Parker (and all his friends) came back to the present, only to find people like Brad, for example, who used to be a skinny, geeky kid, and is now a heartthrob (he’s also competition for MJ in this movie). 

The plot is interesting. It starts out as a “meet a new hero” story and develops into something more. It also features a teen romance plotline that was sweet and funny. Jake Gylenhaal did a great job and was convincing in all situations (you’ll understand after you see it). Tom Holland was perfect and is fast becoming everyone’s favorite Spider-Man. Zendaya had more to do this film and I’m glad, she is very interesting to watch (look-wise and performance-wise). Props for Jacob Batalon (Ned) and Angourie Rice (Betty), who were very charismatic and funny.

I thought that “Spider-Man: Far From Home” was, overall, a sweet movie with cool effects. Definitely more of a teen movie than a superhero one, but the addition of a few key characters (like Fury, Maria Hill and Happy) reminded us we’re in a Marvel movie after all. The real bombshell and wow moment comes in the after credits scenes (especially the first one). That one definitely makes you wonder what the world will look like after that revelation. 

I enjoyed “Spider-Man: Far From Home”. It’s not Marvel’s finest, but there’s nothing wrong with it, either. You should watch it.

6 thoughts on “Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home [2019]

  1. You like it more than me 🙂 I think it had the huge disadvantage of me watching it right after Stranger Things 3 which made everything else look mediocre. But I disliked Homecoming and this one even more, I liked the visual effects but the whole film just felt overstuffed and messy

    1. It did feel a little messy. Maybe because it focused more on the teens and Peter’s chaotic nature? Thanks for dropping by!

  2. This is about where I landed too. Not one of the best Marvel movies out there, but I had fun and it’s made me very interested in what comes next. I especially loved the after the credit scene with JJJ!

    1. Yup, agreed. What I’m wondering now is when we will see the consequence of the end credit scene? ‘Cause the next movies have nothing to do with Spider-Man….

  3. I agree with you! I enjoyed it but… The most interesting parts of the film were the credit scenes. I would have enjoyed more immediate dealing with the snap. Mae’s story about returning and the one kids existential crisis when dealing with his younger brother know being older were very funny but it felt glossed over. Glad you liked the film!

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