Awards Season- Top 8 movies I want to see & other contenders

Awards Season- Top 8 movies I want to see & other contenders

It’s a well-known fact that when September rolls in, that’s when the good films come out. An obvious reason would be that in the summer people don’t spend that much time in cinema or in front of the TV, so they “save” them for the colder seasons. The other obvious reason (for some) it’s that the awards season starts in September.
A quick look over the film program of the main festivals in the last 10-15 years shows that almost all contenders premiered at film festivals such as Venice, Telluride, TIFF (Toronto), AFI, London and so on. A few exceptions go to the Cannes one, which happens in May, but that’s usual reserved for International contenders.
Most Oscar-worthy films, apparently, are launched in the September-January time slot. So obviously, since we are at the beginning of September, I did my homework and made a list of movies that are getting buzz about potential awards. Most I want to see, some I’ve added purely based on online buzz surrounding it.
Here is my top 8:
1. The Favourite– I’ve been hearing about this movie for a while, but I only saw the trailer a couple of days ago. It looks a bit crazy, but I’m sure it will deliver fantastic performances from all three main actress. Personally, I love Olivia Colman and I think she deserves all the attention, I hope she gets nominated this awards season. Also, is it just me or Emma Stone is a bit overrated? Just a bit…
2. Roma by Alfonso Cuaron has been getting rave reviews, most declaring it the best of his career. The trailer shows a beautifully shot film (I love the black & white), but I’m not convinced by the story yet, it might be a bit dull. We shall see: since it seems to be a Netflix film, I will watch it when it becomes available.
3. First Man– Ugh, Ryan Gosling and Damien Chazelle?. Of course it will get rave reviews. I gotta admit, I really didn’t think La La Land was awards worthy, but here we are, post Oscars and they killed it. I’m thinking First man will do the same. Still, I will see it, not to be bias.
4. Widows. A Steve McQueen movie. Say no more, I am there, I love his movies. Maybe it’s just me, but the synopsis and trailer look a bit too…Hollywood? Action movie, Thriller, maybe? Like, not very awards-oriented, not dramatic enough, but we will see if it makes the cut or not.
5. A star is born– Everyone is loving this right now. A lot of love for Lady Gaga, but more for Bradley Cooper and his direction, which is very interesting. I am curious, I will see it, especially since Lady Gaga is keeping it natural.
6. Beautiful Boy– Tragic story of a teenage addict with Timothy Chalamet in lead role. Yup, it’s gonna get nominated. Truth be told, I saw the trailer and it was very emotional and well acted, so I expect it to be appreciated by critics, as well.
7. BlacKkKlansman– It already screened in Cannes and got great reviews, and since it is a controversial theme, I am expecting to see it everywhere this awards season. On my list to watch
8. Boy Erased– I’m not sure of the chances for this movie to be nominated, but I want to see it: for Lucas Hedge, for the storyline and because Joel Edgerton stars and directs the movie.
Other possible contenders: On the basis of sex, Mary Queen of Scots, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Colette, The Front runner, White Boy Rick, Wildlife.
What are you looking forward to see this awards season?
p.s. Meanwhile, the post was updated to link to the reviews of the movies I have seen

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    1. End of November? Too bad. My cinema website says October 19 for my country (which is weird, considering I am in Eastern Europe, and we don’t usual get it that fast). Hang in there! I’m pretty sure it will be worth it!

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