[Blind Spot 2019] April- 2001: Space Odyssey

[Blind Spot 2019] April- 2001: Space Odyssey

I went into “2001: Space Odyssey” knowing almost nothing; just that it’s a cult movie and that it was directed by Stanley Kubrick, one of the best directors of all time.

Overall, I thought “2001: Space Odyssey” was a great movie. Watching it, I kept thinking “this is probably taught in Film School”. Everything is so well done: exceptionally crafted, for most part. Directing. Editing. Music. Cinematography. Set design. All this, considering it was made in 1968. 

The film had an amazing sound editing, but also a fantastic soundtrack. I have to mention the famous music in the beginning, which I realized I’ve heard many times before, and the use of classical music. The score, in particular, was especially eerie and majestic, and it somehow fit, although it was unsettling for most of the time and it helped build tension. For example, the astronaut breathing when going to fix the problem outside.

I also realized that this movie must have been groundbreaking in 1968, considering he was talking about video calls, AI and trips to Jupiter. Imagine what he could have done with today’s technology. That being said, it was funny seeing Hal and its storyline, it felt like a creepy, murderous version of nowadays Siri. Or Jarvis. But let’s be honest, this can totally happen (AIs developing feelings and human rationale) and it’s scary. 

The only downside I can possibly find to “2001: Space Odyssey” is its pace, but I blame our easily distracted nature for this (mostly due to the constant information we are fed and the need to rapidly consume it). Also, it went off board in some of the scenes (elongated to an extend that it became boring), like the beginning, or the doctor venturing into the galaxies(?) / black hole (?) / ?.  To be honest, the ending was weird and very opened to interpretation.

So, to conclude, if you’re a movie fan, you should definitely watch “2001: Space Odyssey”, it’s a classic. It’s beautifully done and it tackles themes we are still talking about, 50 years later.

9 thoughts on “[Blind Spot 2019] April- 2001: Space Odyssey

    1. I know what you mean….the beginning and some parts at the end were so slow….but overall, it’s a great film…you should check it out

  1. This is on my list for this year as well! I always used to think it was a horror film so I’m definitely interested in learning more about it 🙂 There’s also a new making of book by Michael Benson. I keep putting it off because I’ve been meaning to read that first. Glad it was worth a watch!

    1. It’s not horror, not at all. Try it…although I suggest watching the movie, and then reading the boook about making it, makes more sense

  2. I never saw this one so I should probably be really embarrassed because it’s such a famous movie but yeah the pace in it looks really slow and I may not have the patience for it

    1. Yeah, the pacing might put you off, but I think you would enjoy the soundtrack and score. Maybe when you’re in the mood and are patient 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I watched it years ago and I hated every single second of it. I agree that the music is great and the effects beyond impressive but the film just was so boring! I’ve been meaning to give it a second chance but I’m not sure I can handle it

    1. I can totally see where you’re coming from with this, it is boring. But from a filmmaking point of view (Except story and pacing) it’s pretty amazing

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