Spoilery Review- Avengers: Endgame [2019]

Spoilery Review- Avengers: Endgame [2019]

I’ve been putting off writing my review for “Avengers:Endgame” for a long time, and it’s probably due to the fact I have mixed feelings about it. Some of the things I didn’t enjoy are also happening in Game of Thrones, but that’s another story. So, to give a context, I saw it Thursday night (before the opening weekend) and once again, next Tuesday morning, with my nephews.

So, why was I underwhelmed by Endgame? Although it had a monumental last act and the emotional scenes were very moving for me, a Marvel fan, I felt the writing overall was rather messy and too “nice”. A term I saw online was “fan service” and I do agree some of the scenes were to satisfy the fans. A specific one that come to mind is the big fighting scene, from everyone showing up to the women protecting Captain Marvel, to Cap able to lift Molnor (although I enjoyed that).

And by messy, I mean the whole time travelling thing. This aspect was the one that pissed me off. One, the pacing was slow, especially in the middle. I understand why they did it, because they had to “explain” everything and build a logical story, but still, I would have preferred a more upbeat pace. Two, even that was not properly explained, or I didn’t get it, because I felt I had a lot of questions after the movie ended, especially about continuity. Some of the things they did in this movie should definitely impact the actions from the past.

Anyway, I don’t want to dwell on it, because even now, I am frustrated by it. I wished they used a more simpler way to reverse the actions of Thanos.

That being said, Endgame was really good, overall. It had some great moments. I really enjoyed Paul Rudd’s performance and story arc (thank god for that rat). Same with Nebula’s character development, can’t wait to see her in future movies (although the 2014 Nebula death might raise some questions).

I also loved everything about the family Stark made (his daughter is so cute and will definitely follow on her father’s footsteps). His death was very sad (during the screening, the only moment I was in tears was when Spiderman was talking to him and then Pepper came and said “You can rest now”). 

Black Widow’s death was also sad, but necessary. I wonder if the Marvel people decided to make the BW movie after or before they decided what to do with her in Endgame? It’s kind of weird to make a movie about a dead person, even if it’s a prequel. And if they are really using the alternative universe gimmick again, well, then, why kill people and make it emotional in the first place? You know you always bring that person back. It defeats the purpose of killing the person in the first place. 

Although I was kind of perplexed by Thor’s change (at first I thought it was a clear comic decision and I wasn’t OK with it), I now get why they did it and it makes sens- PTSD really is a horrible thing to deal with. Do I like the fact that he is now with the Guardians? Yes and No. Yes, because it will be so much fun. No, because I personally like the somehow clear divisions between heroes and their storylines. This mixes everything up for GoG and Thor. Is he now a GoG? Are Thor movies going to be about Valkrie’s character now? Questions, questions.

Another big point of discussion was Captain America’s decisions at the end of the movie. Although the idea of him going back and having a normal life is really cute and sweet, it should affect present day, too, right? Like I said, the whole time travelling stuff pisses me off. I get that he might have done that in an alternative universe, so how come he came in this one to let people know? Can you travel between alternative universes? Maybe I should see Spiderman into the spiderverse, maybe that will explain it better. As for the decision to give the shield to Sam Wilson, I liked it, I mean, the guy is great and can definitely be a great superhero, but I secretly wished it would have gone to Bucky. 

I feel like I’ve written a lot, and I still haven’t discussed some major plot points, but I want to wrap it up. So, in conclusion, Endgame was a great film, with a wonderful cast and some great turning points, but I wasn’t completely convinced by it due to the time travelling usage. Still, if you like superhero / action movies, you will definitely love this one. And if you are a Marvel fan, this is an absolute classic.

p.s. I find it hilarious that all the actors kept saying in the interviews that they didn’t know what happened or if they died or not. Like really? Considering the funeral, which had almost everyone there? It’s pretty obvious….:) 

11 thoughts on “Spoilery Review- Avengers: Endgame [2019]

  1. I had a few issues with this too but I had too much fun with Endgame overall to dwell on them. I’m just happy it wasn’t a total bust, and I’m going to see it again tomorrow lol

  2. Nice review! I agree – I think a lot of things worked for the film and a few things didn’t – liked Paul, Nebula, and the arcs for Tony, Thor, and Steve. Some of the fan service was fun, some of it felt out of place. The time traveling isn’t too complicated until I start thinking about too much. lol I wished it was something the film dived into more, especially with Old Cap. But that ending is probably my one of my favorites, so I’m willing to accept what the film offered. I don’t think it’s Marvel’s best movie, but it’s fun to watch and escape into.

    1. Yup, I know, Cap’s ending is sweet. As for the time travelling thing, I seemed to be one of the very few who was frustrated by it, so I will get over it :)) I mean, I’m still Marvel movies, I can’t wait to see the new Spiderman. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I think the actors were lying about not knowing what happens, they are afraid to spoil stuff 🙂 so glad you liked Rudd in this, I really hope we get another Ant Man movie

    1. YES, Rudd is so good (as an actor and a writer, because he was co-writer for AntMan). He’s definitely in the future of the Marvel universe.

  4. I wonder how much Thor is going to be in the Guardians movies myself. I mean I love Hemsworth so on the one hand I hope a lot but on the other you’re right about it easily being too much. Especially if they’re also bringing Adam Warlock in. Also Loki? I guess his show will be multi-verse but will they really keep the two of them separated for good. Ah, so many questions!

    Glad you enjoyed the film though 🙂

    1. I know, right? So many questions. I hope they will bring Loki back, too, he is one of my favorite characters. At least we have the tv show to look forward to…

  5. I really enjoyed this but I agree that the time traveling was a bit messy and confusing. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who wanted the shield to go to Bucky!

    1. YES to Bucky. I really think they’re wasting a great character who is very liked by the public. It’s cool he’s getting a TV show, but still, he deserves more in the movies, too

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