Review: Laundromat [Netflix 2019]

Review: Laundromat [Netflix 2019]

Netflix’s new movie, “Laundromat”, seems to be included in the awards discussions, but I don’t think it deserves to be mentioned. I didn’t particularly enjoy the movie or understand its purpose, with the exception of presenting a real life story.¬†

“Laundromat” is a Steven Soderbergh movie that tells the story of the Panama Papers. It’s about money schemes and fraud, and how it all went down after someone released all the bank records and contracts to the media. In a nutshell. It’s done in the same style as “The Big Short”, where the characters talk directly to the audience and explain concepts. This worked for the Adam McKay-directed film because it followed one storyline and the explanation was used only to describe financial terms. In “Laundromat” it fell flat; it was like they were telling us the action and what it meant, instead of us discovering¬†it.

I think this is why I disliked this movie so much. A lot of information, a lot of characters, and a bad way of connecting them. The script was messy, the monologue was too stuffy and, at parts, pretentious, and it had uncorrelated storylines. The script used too many examples to showcase the idea that the meek are screwed, and that the rich are getting away with too much. Too bad for the cast, because it was beaming with talent; they did the best they could with what they had.

All in all, I didn’t particularly enjoy “Laundromat”. Cool premise and great cast, but bad script and direction.

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  1. Goddamn, no matter how good the director, when it comes to Netflix they manage to mess it up. If The Irishman is as good as people say Scorsese deserves extra respect for pulling it off on Netflix

    1. Yeah, I agree. It’s weird because Netflix throws so much money at them, so they basically have all they need and no control. Or maybe that’s the problem. Netflix does not control the movie production as much as the studio usually does. All in all, the studio has been in the business for such a long time and it knows what it’s doing

    1. Yup. I don’t think it will, in the end. For Netflix movies to be nominated, they have to be AMAZING, and this year, with Irishman and Marriage Story and even Two Popes, I don’t think they will lobby for this one, too

  2. Nice review! Funny how it seemed like one of those movies to watch, but with everything releasing on Netflix at the same time for award show season, it’s fallen through the cracks. I’m disappointed that Steven Soderbergh tried replicating Adam’s style instead of something more original.

  3. Totally agree with you about the way it was told especially the ending. What a shame because it really was a fantastic cast and an interesting story!

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