Awards Season 2020: What I’m Looking Forward to Watch

Awards Season 2020: What I’m Looking Forward to Watch

This is my second year doing this type of list- the movies getting buzz for awards season that I want to see. Either because I am genuinely interested, or because I have the need to see in order to be in touch with the industry.

Here is my list of the 2020 movie awards race (and some very early predictions):

  1. Once upon time in…Hollywood – Tarantino’s new movie is apparently an ode to old Hollywood and it has an impressive cast, starting with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, but also Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, Luke Perry, Margaret Qualley, and many more. The 2h 41 minute run time scares me, but I will definitely see it. Watch trailer here. Here’s my review of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
  2. Goldfinch– This seems to be a bit of an Oscar bait, but I’ll bite. It’s made after a book by Donna Tart (which I started, but never got around to finishing it) and it tells the sad story of a young boy who loses his mother in a museum bombing, but somehow manages to steal and keep (for many years) a painting of a goldfinch. The cast is decent, it has Finn Wolfhard, who I find to be very interesting, and it’s showing in many film festivals this autumn, so I’m going to watch it, too. Watch Goldfinch trailer
  3. Ad Astra– Brad Pitt in space. Enough said. I’m in (Yes, I’m shallow like that). Also because it’s been getting buzz. See the Ad Astra trailer now. Here’s my review of Ad Astra
  4. Joker– First of all, this movie has a fantastic trailer. Great music and an editing that makes you want to see the movie then and there. Second of all, it’s the story of the birth of one of the most interesting villains ever. Third of all, it has Joaquin Phoenix, and he is a phenomenal actor. Fourth of all, I’ve heard great things about it. Definitely watching this one when it comes out. For now, here is the Joker trailer. Here is my review for Joker 2019
  5. Ford vs Ferrari– This also feels like an Oscar bait. A huge one. Take a couple of great actors, add a competition element and make the climax scene interesting and with a tearjerker at the end. I can just see it. It’s probably going to get a lot of attention. I will watch it just to be up to date with the titles in the awards race. Here is the trailer. Here’s my review of Ford vs Ferrari.
  6. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood– This could also be classified as Oscar bait, but looks really sweet. The story of a national TV host who was loved by all of America. Plus, who doesn’t like Tom Hanks? He’s definitely going to be in the race for Best Actor. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself
  7. Parasite– This years’ Palme d’Or winner is a shoe-in for the Best Foreign Film category and I’m very curios to see it, I’ve heard great things about it. And the trailer for it looks interesting. Here’s my review of Parasite.
  8. Judy– I don’t know a lot about Judy Garland, but I am curious to see it, since it’s a tale about old Hollywood and it has a great cast, including Renée Zellweger, Rufus Sewell and Finn Wittrock. Here’s the Judy trailer
  9. Pain and Glory– This is another Cannes release that I’ve heard great things about, including a career best performance by Antonio Banderas. Directed by Pedro Almovodar. I’m in. Trailer
  10. Little Women– You know when something gets so much buzz, you kind of end up hating it for it? This is me with this movie. Still, I can’t not see Florence Pugh and Timothee Chalamet, so I will watch it.

Other mentions: Knives Out (great cast, but will it be Oscar-worthy?), Lucy in the Sky (great cast + crazy astronaut woman), Harriet (biopic for the win), Jojo Rabbit (on the rise director telling a tragic story in a funny way= genius or too daring. TBD), The Lighthouse (noir horror, might be a dark horse in the competition), The Laundromat (Meryl Streep makes anything better….and more successful), The Farewell (best performing indie that might have a shot on a larger scale), The Irishman (best cast, but will it being on Netflix affect its success?), Marriage Story (a Netflix film about a couple: Adam Driver and Scarlet Johansson).

Some very early awards predictions:

  • Best Actor: Tom Hanks
  • Best Actress: Cynthia Erivo in Harriet or Renée Zellweger in Judy
  • Best Supporting Actor: Brad Pitt in Once upon a time in Hollywood
  • Best Foreign Film: Parasite or Pain and Glory

What do you think will happen this awards season?

18 thoughts on “Awards Season 2020: What I’m Looking Forward to Watch

  1. I’m always so behind when it comes to awards season – I’ve only heard of a few of these! I saw the trailer for Goldfinch the other day though and that does look good, although it definitely screams oscar bait!

  2. Hanks was so creepy in that trailer. It made me uncomfortable. Phoenix is imho overrated as hell and I have little faith in that movie. Really I am not looking forward to anything this Oscar season

    1. Nothing? Not even Brad Pitt in Ad Astra? At least it’s eye candy 😛 I’m sure you’ll find something to root for this awards season

  3. Some great options on here. I’m looking forward to Ad Astra. I think Tommy Lee Jones could be in Best Supporting depending on how it plays out. Judy is interesting I hope they do her justice and don’t make her campy.

    Hopefully we get some surprises to!

    1. Yup, I’m looking forward to Ad Astra and Judy, too.
      As for surprises, we’re definitely getting some, that always happens. Looking forward to this year!

  4. I feel like Pitt is so overdue for an Oscar. I feel like if he gives a strong performance in Ad Astra, that might boost his Supporting Actor chances for OUATIH. Hanks looks fabulous as Fred Rogers and I know that movie will make me sob.There are so many movies coming at the end of the year that I’m excited to see.

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