Review: Marriage Story [Netflix 2019]

Review: Marriage Story [Netflix 2019]

“Marriage Story” is a great film, with amazing performances, and comes after a few months of top movies that Netflix has released (Dolemite is my name, The Irishman, etc). It will definitely be a contender in this awards season.

The script was really good, although I understand why people might get bored by it. It’s not overly pretentious, although the whole theater and acting background gave it a superficial and somehow self entitled spin. But the divorce story felt real. The idea that relationships turn sour or fights happen because of lawyers and other parties interfering in it, well, that definitely can happen. It was frustrating to see the lawyers misinterpreting the other spouse’s actions for their client’s benefit. There are some great scenes in “Marriage Story”.

Even now, after a week or two of watching it, I still remember the fight in his house, after court. It was one of the best written, acted and directed scenes I have ever seen. Damn, Driver was on fire. Scarjo tried to keep up and did, for most part, but in her case, I watched and thought “great performance”. When I watched Adam, for a minute, I didn’t even realize he was acting. I love him and I hope he wins Best Actor this year!

Speaking of Scarlet, I thought she did a great job, but somehow she felt obnoxious to me, she felt entitled (through her expressions and demeanor). I rooted for Charlie from the beginning, and I don’t think it was just because I like Adam Driver. 

I very much enjoyed the supporting performances, too, especially Laura Dern, Alan Alda and Merrit Wever. Laura Dern felt like a natural in that part….and somehow I feel like she is, in real life, pretty similar to that character. Is she worthy of a Supporting Actress award? Well….I don’t know, I don’t think so, but she’s great, so I guess I wouldn’t mind.

Overall, “Marriage Story” doesn’t have a complicated story, and it’s not especially entertaining, if you judge it objectively, but I loved it. The performances are strong enough and the story is real enough to make people relate to it. You should give “Marriage Story” a chance, especially if you’re in a relationship. 

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  1. That’s because Johansson is obnoxious and entitled and not that good of an actress, when someone sucks as much as she does they cannot hide it lol Dern was so great, but Ferguson for Doctor Sleep is my win

  2. Great review! I loved this film. I thought I was going to hate Nicole automatically because Scarlett has been saying so many ridiculous things lately but I was surprised that I didn’t. She’s nowhere near Driver’s level though. He’s incredible.

  3. I’m not a fan of Scarlett. Not that I’ve never liked her, I do think she has had some great roles over the course of her career but I just don’t like her personality. I have that same feeling towards Natalie Portman, I just don’t click with her..

    Anyway, I thought Scarlett was actually quite good in this and it’s one of her strongest roles. But like, Driver was out of this world. I didn’t like his character but I seem to be in love with unlikable characters this year and his is definitely one of the best ones if not THE best!

  4. Nice review! I thought the performances were good too, but it’s not entirely gripping or intriguing. It’s a simple story of an ugly divorce – it’s not a bad movie but not an amazing one for me.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I get what you’re saying….it’s not very entertaining, but if you can find a way to relate to it or sympathize with the characters, then you can end up loving it!

  5. I’m glad you liked this! I loved every single aspect of it. Even Johansson’s performance. Yes, she could be a bit obnoxious at times but her performance was so good I couldn’t fully take Charlie’s side, despite Driver’s terrific charisma.

    Great review!

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