Mini Reviews – What I’ve seen on Netflix lately + Hustlers

Mini Reviews – What I’ve seen on Netflix lately + Hustlers

Bikhram [2019]

Although the whole hot yoga phenomenon is interesting, and I heard good things about it, the new Netflix documentary about Bikram was disappointing. Slow, uneventful, boring, and couldn’t create an emotional connection with the viewer (with me, anyway). I don’t recommend it, even if I feel for those women and what they went through.

Seth Meyers’s ‘Lobby Baby’ Netflix Comedy Special [2019]

I loved it. I know Seth Meyers from SNL and I have been following his career for a long time. He is funny and adorable and down to earth. Also, I love comedians who can do a show without swearing or belittling other people. He did a great job with this Netflix special (loved the whole “skip politics” part). Also, his wife sounds amazing. Lucky for her to deliver two babies in, like, 30 minutes max. 

Pacific Rim [2013]

I watched “Pacific Rim” one night on Netflix, at my boyfriend’s request (one of his favorite movies). I liked it; some of the plot didn’t really make sense, but overall, it’s an entertaining movie and it looks great, Guillermo del Torro did a great job. Bonus points for having hot (baby) Charlie Hunnam AND sexy broody Idris Elba. 

6 Underground [2019]

This one was pretty good…in the sense it had great actors and it looked amazing. In terms of script and directing? It was a mess. But apparently that’s to be expected from Michael Bay. It’s basically a heist movie, but they don’t steal things, they try to overthrow a tyrannic ruler. The actors did what they could with the script, although I feel bad for the way the script treated the characters – their backstories were briefly explained and didn’t reveal much about them. And some didn’t even get one- see Adria Arjona, who had the same problem in Triple Frontier, as well. It was like she was just there to look pretty. It’s degrading and I hated it. Still, a pretty entertaining movie. You could give it a try.

Two Popes [2019]

“Two Popes” is another hit from Netflix, about the relationship between Pope Benedict and soon-to-be Pope Francisc. I watched it on Christmas day, in my boyfriend’s house, and we all enjoyed it. Both main actors, Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Price, did a great job, and I liked the fact I could relate to both of them, even the hard, traditionalist Benedict. He made sense. They both did. It’s a nice movie, and I recommend it, but I do have to mention one thing that bugged me: the shaky camera they used for some scenes, like the close-ups. It annoyed me.  


“Hustlers” is a 2019 drama written and directed by Lorene Scafaria, about a group of strippers who resort to extreme measures to survive the 2008 financial crisis. The movie was good, but it wasn’t ground breaking. J Lo and Constance Wu did a good job, but nothing really stood out for me (except J.Lo’s body and presence, who is 50 YEARS OLD!!). I really wish I could say more about it, but I don’t know what, so I won’t try. “Hustlers” is a good movie, you should watch it, but I wouldn’t add it to my top 10 of the year.  Awards? only for J.Lo, and it’s well deserved.

10 thoughts on “Mini Reviews – What I’ve seen on Netflix lately + Hustlers

  1. I just can’t stand Catholic Church so there is no way I’m spending 2 hours of my life watching Two Popes. Hustlers was so much fun! Lopez was just incredible

    1. JLO was on fire in this movie. I always really liked the way she was so charismatic and friendly with everyone, she had a way to get you in!

  2. Nice reviews! I still have to check out 6 Underground, mostly for my sister who LOVES Ryan Reynolds. lol I liked Hustlers as well. It stands out to me against all the other male-led nominees, but it was also just a very okay movie.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, Hustlers was pretty okay, but nothing special.
      If she likes Ryan Reynolds, she should definitely see 6 Underground 😀

  3. Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba are pretty much all the points Pacific Rim gets from me lol the film is quite enjoyed to be fair though

    I haven’t seen 6 Underground yet I will. Now and then I need some trash haha

    Hustlers has a hot cast. That’s it.

  4. Oh man, 6 Underground was so bad and that’s coming from somebody who actually likes a Michael Bay movie – The Island. Anyway, yeah, Netflix seems to be filled with messy movies and big talent. It’s not good… they should stick with shows, I like most of them.

    1. Yup, most of the Netflix shows are really, really good.
      Some movies are good, too, though (Marriage Story, Irishman..)

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