Review: 1917 [2020]

Review: 1917 [2020]

I loved “1917”. I had high expectations going in, and I am happy they were met. It is a visually stunning film that showcases the horrors of war in an inconspicuous way. You’re so caught up in the action and the characters, that the reality doesn’t really settle in until later.

“1917” tells the story of two young British soldiers, who have to deliver a message of a matter of life or death to a Batalion located 6-7 km ahead. In order to do that, they have to cross a no-man’s land, so things escalate quickly. It is shot with the one-shot technique, so you feel you are watching the action as it unfolds in real time. 

It was such an engrossing film. Overwhelming at points, yet carefully executed. Chaotic, yet logical and rational in its storyline. Tense, but also full of character development and emotion. And most importantly, “1917” is extremely well directed and shot. 

Having seen almost all Best Picture nominees, I have to say Sam Mendes is the best, most innovative and most interesting director out of all the nominees, and that list includes Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. I am definitely rooting for him to receive the Best Director award, I think he most certainly deserves it.

Also have to mention George MacKay, who I know from Private Peaceful and Captain Fantastic, who did a wonderful job as William Schofield. I loved how he started the journey, uncertain in the mission and insecure of himself, and ended it by giving everything he had in him to deliver the message. I can’t wait to see what George MacKay does next, he is very talented.

“1917” is not perfect, but for me it comes very close; I would be happy to see it win Best Picture and I think it deserves it. Definitely go see the movie in cinema.

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    1. He was really good, but he probably didn’t get in because he is almost unknown and the rest were high class actors who most people feel the need to nominate (DeNiro and the rest).

  1. This is my second favorite out of Best Picture nominees, right after Marriage Story. MacKay was really great, shame he was snubbed in acting nominations this season

  2. I loved it too! It was so well executed and like you said, it made sense and was logical. Not many movies have that.

    And it had a story, unlike Once Upon a Time. Haven’t seen The Irishman yet because that movie is soooooo long.

    Anyway, nice review!

  3. Nice review! This is one of the few Best Picture nominees I still have to see. I was hoping to see it in theaters, but may have to wait until it’s on-demand. Still surprised the actors weren’t nominated though.

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